'meet the people that make the country'



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For a taste of true country hospitality, 

book a farmstay



Farmstay hosts make their main income from the land. This can be a small acreage, intensively farmed right up to large cattle and sheep stations or dairy farms. A country stay may be a small lifestyle block or a home located outside the town or city boundaries, often with a rural aspect. There may be a small number of farm animals and these properties may feature large home gardens.

It is not always possible to book a requested farm type in a specific area. Most areas specialise in a particular type of farming e.g. there are more large sheep stations in the South Island and orchards and market gardens are more often found in the North Island.

We recommend that families travelling with small children book a country stay rather than a large working farm, as the animals at country stays are usually quite tame and are easily handled by guests.We all know how much small children love feeding animals and for city children this is a great experience.

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